October 09, 2008

Snacks vs. Torture

Today I made a visit to the hospital to see Stephanie. Unfortunately, I didn't get a see her because she was in the middle of a dressing change. But I did get to talk to some of the wonderful staff at the burn center who I hadn't seen in a while... and even got a few hugs! Everyone is so wonderful! I talked to the social worker for a while, who was very encouraging about Stephanie's current status. She had more cultured-skin grafts this week, and the report is that they are doing well. Hooray!

Then I booked it over to the rehab hospital to see Christian during his lunch break. They have him busy all day long with physical therapy these days, so it was a shorter visit than I would have liked, but better than nothing! (Since I hadn't seen him since Sunday I was starting to go through withdrawal!) I stocked his fridge with more Vitamin Water, and Trader Joe's yummy hummus and whole wheat pita. I also put up some Halloween decorations from a package that had just arrived from some of the many well-wishes. The rest will go in Stephanie's room... after all she is the biggest Halloween fan ever!!!!

Two of Stephanie's sister-in-laws from Utah arrived at the same time as I did, so Christian had a "house full." Lisa and Katie are great. Then all too soon we had to send him off to the gym for more torture... I mean physical therapy. I'm glad he is able to tolerate that much; that's a good sign.


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  2. Your an awesome sister!!!! Thanks for the updates.

  3. thank you so much for the updates! We pray for your family!

  4. I SO appreciate your updates! It is wonderful to hear Christian is doing so well. He is in my prayers daily...ALL of you are.

    Shirley : )

  5. Thanks for the update. We pray for all of you every day. I'm glad Christian is working hard. I'm sure he must be exhausted but I bet he wants to get back to as close to normal as soon as he can.

  6. Thanks so much for the updates~I check daily for any news you can share! I pray for strength and patience for Christian as he goes through PT, it is so hard physically and emotionally. I really think it is such a blessing that he has the wonderful motivation of being a daddy and husband to make him want to get better as quick as he can!

  7. Love the updates. I check both your blog and CJane's blog everyday to see how things are!

  8. It is so good to hear progress for both Stephanie and Christian. I am sure the visitors make the days better and the (torture) physical therapy more bearable. I know physical therapy can feel like torture I worked in that field for 7 years.

    I know Stephanie hears and feels the strength and love you all bring every time you visit her as well. Keep it up!!

  9. You're such a sweet sister, bringing Christian all the yummy natural foods and vitamin water. I was just reading old posts on Stephanie's blog yesterday - where she posted a whole week of vegetarian recipes with photos. So inspirational! Makes me want to take better care of myself and try eating less meat.
    Keep up the good work with the updates and visits! You are all in my prayers.

  10. If anyone knows about the tortures of physical therapy its you Alice. You are an amazing sister!
    Andrea Sheets

  11. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Instead of seeing the "physical therapist" at our house, after many injuries, they are affectionately called "physical terrorists". :) Kidding aside, any and all professions that have "therapy" as part of their title implies a lot of work, and pain, and more work.
    But the healing then comes, slowly, gradually, until.....the resurrection! Can't wait.

  12. anonymommy2:31 PM

    Wonderful news!!

  13. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I wonder why cjane does not post
    more about C & S, yet she gets
    hundreds of remarks. I think you
    are much more detailed about updates. Also, C not speaking to
    Ollie because he was asleep. I would of been more than happy to
    wake him up to speak to his daddy.
    I hope everyone is getting along.
    Blogland really needs to know about
    your great blog. I am sure you are
    a great sister to C just as cjane is to S.

  14. Sounds like things are going well. I'm so glad. Let me know if we can help.

  15. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Dear Anonymous 4:24 pm

    Most 2 year olds, when wakened from a deep sleep, just cry for a long time if they weren't ready to wake up. A phone call would be useless.

    Let's keep it positive, people.

    No need to stir up trouble

    Another mother of a 2 year old

  16. Anonymous6:26 AM

    To Anonymous 4:24 p.m.(aka troll)
    Keep up the negative posts and the family will choose to give absolutely no updates. You must lead a sad existence as it appears you enjoy causing trouble and hurt feelings. Go away.

  17. A big (and wiser) sister10:28 AM

    Perhaps it's time for you to go private, Alice!

  18. Alice,
    Your blog is spectacular! I love to read the updates. Although this event is so heart wrenching to think about, you bring an optimistic view to it all. I hold on to all of the news of C & S. Thank you for posting. I know it is so personal and I appreciate you allowing us in on that. I hope it is because you know that we are really concerned. Please join the www.inspiriedbynie.blogspot.com site and put your comments if you choose. It is hopeful that the site will lift C & S spirits when they can read them, and also for us who miss them so much can write to them often. It is a tribute...
    God Bless...

  19. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Alice, I am so sorry if I offended
    you and your family. I, like alot
    of other people, have been completely obsessed with this tragedy. People are asking How much
    money has been raised? How is S
    going to look like with burned skin? I will now crawl into my "troll" cave and visit nomore...
    Anon 4:24

  20. anonymous,
    Those of us that come here for update's and to show how much we care about this family, are not concerned with the things you are asking about. If you can't come here to show support and respect what update's are being shared here, because this is such a personal and hard time for all of the family members then PLEASE don't comment!! Alice is a very busy mother and we appreciate that she takes time for us to let us know how they are doing. That is what is important here. Alice again I THANK YOU :)


  21. Hi Alice,

    Thank you so much for your updates on Christian and Stephanie. I don't know your family but I have been lifting C & S up in prayer ever since I read about them. Your entire family has inspired me to be a better mom & wife and I want to thank you for that. I will continue to pray for all of you!

  22. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Love and prayers, we send to you and your entire family. May you all be lifted by the support surrounding you.

  23. I just found your blog...though I have been following S&C's story for a while now. Lovely updates. I'm sure it means the world to Christian to have you so close by. Sending lots of prayers and happy thoughts for your whole family.

  24. anonymommy9:48 PM

    Becka & others,
    I come here to get detailed updates on C & S and I care about this family--I think anyone who has a conscience, who has heard of this tragedy, cares about this family! The money raised alone shows you how much "strangers" care...

    I, too, have had other questions--maybe it is because I empathize with Stephanie as a mother.

    How are these questions out of line? For example, I have read more "personal" details of what happened in news articles than I read on cjane's blog--apparently, it is okay if the media asks the questions?

    I will miss the detailed updates if Alice makes her blog private, but I will not miss reading admonishing comments towards people who have valid questions.

  25. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Anonmommy, I agree that it is great that the Nielson family can tap into such a caring community of sympathetic strangers (I am one of those people, after all!) but there is a big difference between having questions pop into your head and actually asking them to the busy and grieving family members of the critically injured. And there is a big difference between questions that are respectful of Alice (How are you holding up? How is Stephanie doing?, etc.) and ones that are intrusive, like the ones anon has asked in this thread. Speculating on Alice's blog about how Stephanie's face will look and whether the Nielsons and Clarks are fighting (especially when the two families have never been less than incredibly loving and respectful to each other, or so it seems to this blog reader) is truly tacky.

    To Alice: I live a life about as different from yours as it can get in the USA (I'm a nonreligious working girl in New York City), but I have found myself checking in here nearly every day to gobble up news about Christian, Stephanie, and the rest of your beautiful family. Please keep writing!

  26. Alice: I hate that your comments have turned into a squabble, but I just wanted to quickly comment, in case you took your "big and wiser sister's advice" (:P), which I think is very valid, by the way.

    I appreciate your posts, and I look forward to them. I look at you and Courtney as a team almost. I feel that Courtney updates frequently on the children and you update on the blogging world's most loved patients.

    I admit that I have further inquiries after posts (I am terribly nosey), but I realize that (and I would be the same) you post what you feel comfortable posting. There are definitely things that need to be kept in the family. You have the right to privacy.

    Stephanie and Christian are lucky to have you near them.

    Good luck to you and your family.

  27. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Yes. I agree with Katy. I too view these blogs as complementary, on the same team. Cjane lives in Utah with the kids...Alice lives in AZ near the patients...these sisters-in-law are blogging about what they know, and we appreciate hearing from them...and together they create a fuller picture of how to pray, and how to care.

    BTW, loved the appreciation cjane expressed for her wonderful sisters-in-law today too.

    Many thanks. Please keep doing the good work you are doing, it is greatly appreciated.

  28. Dear Alice,
    Thank you again for sharing your updates on your visits with Stephanie and Christine. It warms my heart to hear of any progress in their recovery.
    I spent the weekend at a scrap booking retreat with 11 other women not of our faith, and we spent one very memorable night talking about your families. I had the opportunity to share with them how much this story has impacted my life and how much I admire both of your families for your faith, your unity, your strength and your love for one another. I showed them photos of Stephanie and Christian and their beautiful children and introduced them to the NieNie blog. Every person I have spoken to in the last month about this story, has been moved and changed in some way. I have heard so many friends vow to do better, to love more, to treasure each moment with their families.
    So, thank you. I think your blog and CJane and others bring joy and hope and understanding of what it means to truly live the gospel to the fullest. I too check daily and find myself uplifted by the strength of your families.

  29. tammy4:49 PM

    You have been a shining example to so many. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for being so generous with the up dates. Continued good thoughts and prayers.

  30. Dear Alice,
    I love how much you love your brother and sister-in-laws. Thanks for inspiring me when I need it. I follow your blog pretty closely but there are days that I don't read (I know can you believe it?!?!) :) but I love coming back to yours, Cjanes or Nie's reposts to be lifted again and reinspired. It is so wonderful that you are so kind and caring and you are such a great example to me. Thank you!

  31. I, too, am checking your blog daily. Thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy, hectic schedule to give us little updates. I am praying for you and your family!!

  32. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I wanted to let you know that your brother and his wife - the apparent love they have for each other and their children has changed my life. I have rededicated myself to my husband and children because of their example. I am more patient, kind and loving to my family and realize that they are truly a gift to me from a loving Heavenly Father. Reading the updates on your blog has helped me remember those things which are truly important in this life.

    You will always find those who are too nosy, too probing and rude whenever you allow the public inside your inner circle. Please know that there are many more people praying for peace and healing for your family than there are nosy, rude people.

    Thank you for your updates, again, they have helped me grow.

  33. Hi Alice,

    Not sure if you remember me but we went to Mesa High together. My maiden name was Shari Eyring. I was just skimming through your blog and noticed your comments about Christian and then I saw the link to Eldon's blog on your bloglist. We are great friends of the Thomas's. We are in their ward and actually live down the street from them. My husband went to high school with Eldon and Mindy.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I keep up with NieNie's and CJanes blog everyday! What a beautiful family.

  34. Thank you for the updates on Christian & Stephanie. I love hearing how they are doing & they will be so grateful when they can go back & read all of your words.

    I'm sure they are SO grateful to you & for all you do! It sounds like you are able to get down to the hospital frequently & I KNOW that helps in their healing process.

  35. Rosemary in NY4:43 AM

    I want to echo some comments above, and thank you so much for keeping this blog going.. it's hard to know why strangers feel so compelled to check on Christian and Stephanie, donate, pray.. but we do. And reading your blog, CJanes and the Nienie dialogues makes those of us who are not lucky enough to know you feel close to you. I know that you share what you feel comfortable sharing, and we are all grateful for that. I hope that your blog will not go private... I think that your blog makes people feel that they know C and S, and makes people want to help. Must agree, too, with the comment above... that reading about all of you makes me think.. makes me want to be a better sister, mother, wife and friend. You are amazing. Please don't go private... these blogs have helped so many...

    God bless you all.. You are amazing people, and C and S are so lucky to have such wonderful family and family-in-laws....

  36. ditto to Rosemary in NY

  37. Thank you for your updates. The reports are all encouraging and give us the hope we all need to feel.

    I admire all of you...


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