October 16, 2008

Fall Break

My kids are out of school this week for Fall Break, so Jay took a couple of days off work and we took a little trip up north. It was nice and relaxing. I did some sewing (a bunch of new pillow covers, and duvet covers for my boys' beds), we walked around the lake, sat by the fire and drank hot cocoa, did lots of reading, and Mary and I made this paper house from this cool website. (Yes, I know it's in Japanese or something, but you can still figure it out.... I did!) It was really fun. (Don't forget to save and print both the cut-outs and the instructions... they are two separate files.) It's not perfect (a little crooked), but I thought it turned out cute.
Today I visited Christian. He has made improvement in just the few days since I last saw him, looking better and getting stronger. He has talked to the kids a few times, seen Stephanie a few more times (though not as often as he would like), and doing lots of physical therapy. We spent most of the time talking about current events and the election. Fortunately, we agree on all issues, so it was a pleasant conversation.

Tomorrow night Jay and I are going to celebrate my birthday (which was this week... bleh! I'm getting old!) by staying at "Jay's Hotel." (I've been looking forward to this for about 3 years! Staying at the hotel... not my birthday.) And then we will stop by the fundraiser on Saturday. And my brother and his wife will be in town from Seattle. And on Sunday Marcus will be reporting on his mission to Germany/Austria. And then we'll have dinner with the whole family. Busy weekend, but a good one!


  1. i love the doll house! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fun stay at the hotel. It looks so nice! -

  2. i never remembered having a fall break. it sounds like you had a great weekend, and one coming up soon~ happy belated birthday. i hope the stay at the hotel is FABULOUS!

  3. Happy Bday! It's good to hear the update on Christian. So glad he's doing better.

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy! Sounds like a much needed family trip, especially the books and yummy cocoa!

    Glad to hear Christian is progressing!

  5. Fall Break?! What the heck? Are you on year round school? That might explain it...

    CUTE house, crafty projects, cocoa, and books...sounds perfect.

    Happy Birthday! You could just decide not to have any more, you know, but then you wouldn't get to celebrate at "Jay's Hotel." Opposition in all things, right?!

    I hope you have a great weekend and that the carnival is uber successful, AND that your family has a fabuloso time celebrating the return of Marcus from his mission!

    Rock on. ;) It sure beats the alternative!

  6. I LOVE the doll house!! My kids are on fall break this week as well - I wonder if I can squeeze that craft in before they head back to school?
    We are all glad to hear of Christian's continued recovery - the children must be over the moon to speak to their daddy again!
    Happy Birthday!


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