January 04, 2009

The Day After Christmas

On the day after Christmas, Jay went into work for a couple of hours to check on things, and took Collin with him. Collin was hoping for some action, but there was absolutely nothing going on. (Check out the painting on the left.... an oil painting done by Jay of the Phoenix skyline. It used to hang in a conference room when he was at city hall, and now he has it in his office.)
Then they went to lunch and visited the state capitol building. Here Collin is pointing to a photo of Jay's great uncle, who was a state tax commissioner.
That evening Jay and I went to an event at the Sheraton. (It seems like we have been going there a lot lately, but I don't mind.) It was an appreciation dinner/program for the grand opening of the Metro Light Rail. It was a lovely dinner, and we brought home some nice goody bags. At the end of the program, they invited whoever had the closest birthday to take home the lovely floral center pieces. Our table mates had all tip-toed out by then, so we got the prize for staying through the entire program (it was kind of long.... they thanked EVERYONE). It is really nice.... still going strong on my kitchen table.

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