June 12, 2010

Let My People Go

In Sunday School this year we are studying the Old Testament. I thought it would be fun for my kids to watch "The Ten Commandments" (1956).... and I wanted to see it again too (it's been a looooong time). Jay had never seen it!

I checked it out from the library (love the library!). We did NOT watch the whole thing in one sitting.... we watched it over 3 days. But I was amazed at how interested the kids were. I thought they might have gotten bored, or thought it was silly/dated, but they were quite intrigued and impressed.

Actually, I was quite impressed too! When you consider how long ago it was made, and the limited technology they had, it is seriously amazing! The costumes and sets are truly spectacular, even by today's standards.

And by the way, Charlton Heston in his prime? What a hunk!
Have you seen it?



  1. I'm teaching the Old Testament to my primary kids (ages 10 and 11), and I too was thinking about this movie only a few weeks ago. So I went to the nearest Blockbuster and they said that they don't carry it and that they can't even order it in (it didn't show up in their database)! I was so dissapointed... Thanks for posting about this, I'm totally going to try the library! This movie is awesome.

  2. GREAT IDEA! I am subbing the 10/11 Girls and I am going to check it out. I hope I get to keep this class too. Thanks for the tip.


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