June 16, 2010

Oh, Garden Tomatoes, How I Love Thee!

I didn't get around to planting a garden this year. Bummer. But my gracious neighbor invited me over to help myself to her seriously amazing crop of tomatoes!

Oh my. I'm in heaven! I could eat these day and night (and I probably will). What could be better than a freshly picked tomato in a salad, on a sandwich, in a pico de gallo, bruchetta, or whatever. I just cut up a tomato, drizzled on a little EV olive oil, sprinkled it with coarse garlic salt and some basil, and ate it with a spoon.... I felt like I was eating something sinful, it was that good!


  1. Please ask her what she uses for her soil. The garden in my new house produces vegetables but sometimes in miniature. For instance, the beefsteak tomatoes this year are the size of big cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are the size of a dried bean. Seriously! Did she use manure? Chicken? Steer? Those are beautiful tomatoes.

  2. yum! Those look delish. I've been craving a caprese salad.


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