May 06, 2013


This morning a group of us took the canal boat tour from Gammel Strand. The weather was glorious and the tour was very interesting.  I loved seeing the beautiful buildings and palaces, etc. It made me wish we had a whole week in Copenhagen!  It's a fascinating city full of history and interesting sites. 

After that a few of us walked down Stroget, the walking street (no cars, lots of shops!), and the Nyhavn.  Such cool, fun places!  We got a set of salt and peppers shakers to add to our collection. 

Then Jay and I walked up to the Trinitatis church and Roundetaarn (Round Tower). 

My great great great grandfather, Peter Nielson, was married in that church. The round tower attached to the church is fascinating. Built by the king with a ramp wide enough to ride up on a carriage so he could look out over the city and address his people. Great views!

Then we had to race back to the hotel to grab our bags and head to the train station.  
The train ride to Ystad
We took the train to Ystad, Sweden and then from there we took the ferry to the island of Bornholm, where Peter lived. It is beautiful here. So quaint and quiet. Our hotel is tiny and old but unique and interesting. Much different than the Marriott in Copenhagen, but cool with amazing views of the Baltic Sea out our window!  
Playing cards on the ferry ride

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was very good and we had fun visiting and laughing, as we always do. I love my family!

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