May 06, 2013


On Sunday we attended church in Copenhagen. The ward was small so our group made quite an impression. :). They have us headsets and kindly translated for us. It was a fast and testimony meeting which was lovely. My dad and brother, Peter, also shared their testimonies.

After sacrament meeting we walked up the street to the Copenhagen Temple which is stunning. It's a red brick building in the middle of a neighborhood square. It was converted from a church building. Torbin Engbjerg, a Copenhagen native and former mission president in Poland (where my dad's cousin is currently serving... He replaced Bro. Engbjerg) met up with us there and shared his conversion story, which was fascinating, then told us some history of the church and the temple in Denmark.

Then we went to the Vor Frue Kirke, the church where the original "Christus" and statues of the 12 apostles by Bertel Thorvaldden are. It's amazing. Torbin told us some great stories and background and took us upstairs to see a Kirkegaard display. 

After that we split up for a while, though most of us ended up at Torvahallerne Market, which was fantastic. The we walked around just window shipping, including the Lego store. (Yes Legos are Danish and the best toys!). We all met up again for dinner at Halifax Burger which was delish!

Another great day in Copenhagen!

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