May 11, 2013

Last day in London

This morning we joined the Saturday crowds at Portobello Road Market. We had fun looking around and found some great treasures. And the song was stuck in my head for hours.

Then we were off to the Tower of London. We didn't stay very long because it was packed, which was a bit disappointing. Oh well. 

Next we visited St. Paul's Cathedral which is even more spectacular than you can imagine. (Rick Steve's audio tour was great.). We walked the hundreds of steps all the way to the top.  I'm gonna be sore tomorrow!  But it was amazing!

Then we headed to Westminster Abbey but we missed that last entry by 2 minutes. Why they won't let anyone in after 3:30 is beyond me!  Bummer. I was almost in tears. I lied. I WAS in tears.

Instead we took a lovely walk through St James Park to Buckingham Palace, which was really fun. And I already starting planning our next trip to London. Now I just have to convince Jay....

Then we headed to the theatre district and randomly picked an Indian restaurant for dinner. It was not fabulous but it was pretty good. Then we went to the Palace Theatre to see "Singing in the Rain!"  So amazing!  It rains on stage!  Twice!  What a fun show!  I highly recommend it. 

It was another long and busy day, but super fun!  We are off to Paris tomorrow!

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