May 08, 2013

Last day together

Today we spent our last together as a family on this trip. Jay and I will be traveling alone for the next week.  Some of the others are traveling on their own too before going home.

This morning we visited one of the famous round churches (Ostlars, the largest). Then we drove to the cute seaside town of Guhdjem where we walked around and looked in shops. We got a couple of small souvenirs. Then it was on to Hammershus, ancient ruins which were fascinating and more extensive than I expected. The views we amazing too. 

Then we split up for a while.  We were in a car with my brother Peter and his wife and we drove around to find the other 3 round churches, to a hardware store to find a Danish flag, and found a wonderful "Antik & Retro" shop in Nylars where we bought a few wonderful treasures. 

When we got back to the hotel we had some time before dinner so we rented bicycles and rode through the nearby forested areas and a local neighborhood. It's so beautiful!  It was a lot of fun. Something I've always wanted to do. 

We all had dinner together at Poul P, a small restaurant in Ronne owned by a local artist who has a gallery next door. The food was excellent and we had a private room upstairs so we were able to talk and laugh freely. 

Back at the hotel we all sat in the common room and Stephen, my brother (and the best photographer among us!) plugged in his laptop to the TV and we watched a slide show of our trip. Then since we all head our separate ways in the morning, and some are leaving very early, we said our goodbyes. For now. I am SO grateful to my parents for providing us with this wonderful opportunity!  It's been a fantastic trip and we have had the royal treatment!  

We could have easily spent a week in Copenhagen and another on Bornholm!  We saw just enough if Denmark to make us want to come back!  I hope we can someday. 

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