May 04, 2013


Today we visited Frederiksborg Castle. Amazing art by Karl Bloch.

After lunch we went up to Helsinger and toured Kronborg Castle (aka Hamlet's castle). The tower tour had amazing views of the water, and the casement level (basement) was cool. Really dark and kind of scary!

We are having so much fun being with my parents and all my siblings and their spouses. We are a big group and we probably come off as obnoxious Americans but oh well. We have fun together. Jay has a hard time posing seriously for photos. He is a ham and prefers to be silly so we are usually cracking up. 

The weather has been glorious. Denmark is s beautiful country. The people here are great. Super nice and they all speak English. It's very clean but lots of people smoke.  

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  1. Love Love Love it!!! You all look so fabulous! I got to visit Denmark when I was 16 for 6 weeks. It is amazing and your pictures make me want to go back and visit again someday! What a fun trip and even more fun that you all get to be together!!


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