March 25, 2011

Field Trip to the Zoo

On Tuesday I chased 5 first-graders around the Phoenix Zoo chaperoned Jack's class field trip. 
Thankfully it was a gorgeous day, and I was only assigned 5 kids in  my group (including Jack), only one of which would be considered somewhat "difficult."  It was very fun. 
I enjoy being with my kids and getting to know the other kids in their school.
 The Phoenix Zoo is large and the exhibits are very spread-out, but I think we saw everything in the few hours we were there, which means we were all exhausted.  The kids were about to fall asleep on the bus ride back to school!
 Elephants are always interesting.

 But Monkey Village is always the favorite.  You walk right into their habitat and the monkeys are close enough to touch.  (This monkey was literally right over my head... this is not zoomed or cropped.)  They seem so cute and cuddly, but I imagine they probably aren't.
 The kids were dying to get to the tiger, but naturally he was just lying around being lazy and didn't do anything impressive.
 Ditto for the lions.  What a bunch of lazy bones!  :)

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