March 04, 2011

My Kids Vs. Wild

We have oranges galore from the trees in our yard.  We picked a bunch to make orange juice.  They are "juice oranges" not navels, so they have seeds and are difficult to peel (but they are sweet and juicy).  I found out my kids have been eating them....whole... in the backyard.

The thing is.... my kids are sort of obsessed with Bear Grylls.  They have watched a few too many episodes of Man Vs. Wild (OK, I admit it, I watch it too)
It turns out they have been pretending our backyard is "the wild," and the only food they can find is the oranges on our trees.... and, as my kids like to state, "they are full of vitamin C."  But they now pronounce it with a "short i" as the British do.... as Bear Grylls does. 

Actually, they have started pronouncing a lot of things differently these days.  My kids seem to have the whole British accent down pat. 

So, they eat the oranges, which Collin cuts open with his scout knife, pretending they are disgusting (and I'm sure they come up with some creative description, just as Bear does).  Yes, my kids have great imaginations.  At least they don't eat grubs or scorpions.  (shiver)  Maybe next time I make something new for dinner that they don't like, I will tell them to just pretend they are Bear Grylls surviving in the wild.....

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