March 24, 2011

Mowing the Lawn

Since the day Collin was born, Jay looked forward to Collin being able to mow the lawn so he could sit back and relax.  Collin, for his part, also eagerly awaited the day... from the time he could reach the lawn mower handle he would walk along with Jay pretending he was helping (it made me nervous)

By the time Collin turned 10 he was mowing the lawn by himself, without ever complaining about it (even during the super hot summer), and doing quite a good job of it.  (Jay still does the edging though.)  But now it seems he is looking forward to passing the torch to Jack.
This was the scene in our backyard last Saturday as Collin carefully instructed Jack on the finer points of lawn-mowing technique.  (Jack did not look unhappy.  In fact, he tried very hard to suppress a grin.)  I love it when Collin gets all serious about teaching his younger siblings stuff.  It makes me proud.

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