March 05, 2011

Time Travel, Blogger Style

I always have good intentions about blogging consistently... it's important because this is a record for my family.  But life gets in the way.  You know how that goes.  Then I get behind, and I want to get caught up, but it's overwhelming so I put it off some more... and some more... and then it's really bad.


Thankfully, Blogger lets me pre-date posts, so I've traveled back-in-time and posted about events in chronological order (for the most part) so that our family's record isn't all messed up.

Anyway, if you read this blog to know what is going on in our lives (why else would anyone read this boring blog?), then you might want to go back-in-time too and read what we have been up to.

Here are a few:

Photography Workshop
Building a Bike
Kids; Valentines
Funny Things Kids Say
Scout Day Camp

More to come.....


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