March 07, 2011

A Night on the Town

On Saturday night, Jay and I went to an awards banquet because his project (PHX SKY Train) was receiving an award (for innovative solutions).  The event (and the award) was sponsored by an organization for professionals in the transportation industry, so I thought it would be pretty dull.  But it wasn't too bad.  (Though it was kind of long.)  It was fun because I was with Jay.  (Actually, I love going to these things with Jay, though I pretend I'm doing him a big favor.  Don't tell.)

It was at the Tempe Center for the Arts, which is a really cool venue and our table was right by the window looking out on the lake and the city lights, which was very cool.  It was a "glitzy" event (all the women were dressed like they were going to the Oscars or contestants in a beauty pageant), so it was fun to observe everyone, and the MC was entertaining.  Even the key note speaker (the head of the planning division at ADOT) was pretty interesting.  It was fun to dress up, eat fancy food, have our photo taken on the red carpet (these transportation people take their formal events very seriously) and spend the evening on the arm of the handsomest man in town, who everyone was praising and congratulating. 

I'm very proud of Jay.  He hates it when I brag. 


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  1. Where are the pictures?! I want pictures! I'm sure you looked beautiful and Jay was entertaining, as always. We are all so stinking proud of him. I'll make sure to give him a big huge hug that will make him squirm and protest. He hates that also. :)


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