February 24, 2009

Chicken Soup With Rice

Jack's preschool teacher* (who is absolutely wonderful) uses Maurice Sendak's cute poem "Chicken Soup With Rice" to teach the children the months of the year. They memorize and recite a verse each month. Jack just loves it.

The other day when it rained, it seemed appropriate to make some soup for dinner, and I thought of "Chicken Soup With Rice." I didn't have a recipe, so I made one up with what I had on hand. Everyone loved it... especially Jack.


- 4-6 c. water (I didn't really measure)
- 2 T. chicken soup base (I have a really good one, but if you don't have it, just use bouillon or some chicken stock or broth)
- 1 (13 0z.) can of chicken, or about 1 c. leftover cooked cut-up chicken
- 1 can cream of chicken soup
- about 2 c. cooked rice (I happened to have some leftovers. If you don't, then use about 1 c. uncooked, and cook long enough to cook the rice)
- about 1 c. frozen peas and carrots (about half a bag)
- garlic salt & pepper, to taste
- ground ginger, to taste (I used about 1 tsp.)
- about 1 T. dehydrated onion (my husband hates onions, so this is the only thing I'm allowed to use because they are tiny enough that he doesn't notice)
- about 1 T. dry parsley, or 3 T. fresh

Combine in a large pot and heat through, or until rice and veggies are tender.

*If anyone who lives in my area is looking for an awesome preschool teacher, let me know and I will hook you up! She is fantastic!


  1. May I ask what kind of soup base you use?

  2. Ya know - I never liked onion either. It seemed to irritate my stomach since after my mission. I always used the dry stuff too. And just recently I bought a white onion and diced it up so fine and used only half of it in a dish and it was so so good! I cooked it thoroughly in a bit of olive oil BEFORE I added the rest of the ingredients. You should try it sometime... just take a chance Alice! :) And thanks for the recipe; I'm always on the look-out for something good and healthy!


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