February 05, 2009

January in Review - Part 1

I'm starting to see a pattern. I keep this blog as a journal, with the intention of writing on a regular basis. But I always seem to be playing catch-up a month at a time. Oh well. Here I go again.

January was the month for birthday parties. My brother, Peter, turned 40, and his awesome wife threw an awesome surprise party for him. He truly didn't have a clue! It was a lot of fun. Darin, my SIL, is the ultimate hostess. The food was delicious as well as beautiful, as was the decor.
Jay and I performed a parody that we wrote for the occasion.... actually 2 of them; "It's the End of Your Life [The World] As You Know It" (REM) and "Put On a Happy Face." And everyone brought gag gifts as part of the roast. It was pretty funny, and Peter was a good sport. (See Lizzy's post for more photos.)
(Peter wearing his "Jazz Cap" from a Wendy's commercial he starred in back in the '80's.... we love to make fun of him about that.... and shirt Darin made for him with a name badge stating, "Hello, I'm 40.")
My family all got together for dinner on my dad's birthday. He turned 69! I sang the parody I wrote for his 65th birthday with a few minor wording changes. Here he is plotting against the 69 candles on the cake.....
... and about 2 seconds later after he amazingly extinguished the whole thing in one quick breath of air! It was amazing! I've never seem anything like it. I kind of wish I had taken a video instead of stills.(Dad opening his gifts, surrounded by grandkids)And Jay's dad turned 60. Jay and I were asked to put together a program. I took mostly video that night, but here is Jay and his brother doing the ventriloquist act that Jay wrote. It was hilarious!I also wrote another parody (The Beatles' "When I'm 64.") that I sang, and a medley of songs with mixed up words for Jay and his siblings to sing, in honor of their dad's habit of singing the wrong words to songs. The grandkids all sang "When Grandpa Comes" (from the Children's Songbook), and everyone brought gag gifts, a la Peter's birthday party (see above). The program turned out great and Jay's parents loved it.


  1. Have you ever thought of having a career making up parodies? I have seen some of the work that you and Jay do and it's hilarious!

  2. You are the most WONDERFUL SIL! Thank you for making Dad's bday perfect. I think the ventriloquist act is a keeper. ;)


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