February 05, 2009

January in Review - Part 2

My family went out to Usery Mountain park for a picnic and hike. The weather was perfect and the desert is beautiful this time of year. The first thing Mary did was find a walking stick for the hike.Jack and I trailed behind the others, but that's OK. He has short legs (and the fewest years of life) and I have a bad knee, so we made a good pair.
Jimmy enjoyed the day too.... eating left-over/dropped hot dogs, chasing lizards, and dragging Lizzy up the mountain (not that she needed to be dragged... that's just how dogs are). Now he has gone to Utah to be with his "real family" again.

Collin and Mary both got to join in the 100-day celebration at school (because they had perfect attendance, which only a small percentage of the kids did) by letting off a balloon at flag ceremony.
Collin got glasses. He had an experience similar to Mary's when he looked around with his new glasses on for the first time.... discovering a whole new world! I hadn't realized how often he was squinting. Poor kid!
Collin also completed and earned his Bear rank in Cub Scouts. He really enjoys it and works hard.

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  1. Hey, that's my cute husband in the background of the 100th day celebration photo!


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