February 23, 2009

Food Storage program

My mother-in-law is affectionately known as "The Queen of Food Storage." She has given her presentation many many times, all over the country. She was asked to record a series of presentations to be shown on BYU TV. The first episode is on tonight at 7:00. Also, there is a link on her blog to her presentation on YouTube. It's really good, and worth watching if you have never heard her speak in person, which I know many of you have.


  1. Alice, I'm really interested but I'm not sure where to find her blog. Is the address available to the friendly neighborhood blog stalker?


  2. Okay, just know that this blog stalker is not as much of an idiot as it may appear. I found the blog and am thrilled. Thanks for sharing.....

    Still....Cynthia (feeling sheepish)

  3. I have been a stalker for a while-- but I got here from Nie Nie or Cjane several months ago. I just have to say THANK YOU for this link-- AWESOME-- I have already passed it on to several from my ward and in my family.-- Tell your Mother in law-- thank you for making it so comprehensive and approachable!

  4. I live in Logan, Utah and one of our Enrichment groups is focusing on emergency preparedness and food storage. Our next food storage class is tomorrow and they are showing the first episode of the presentations. I can't make it to the class so I am so excited that now I know about her blog! That's so cool that it's your mother in law doing it!


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