February 18, 2009

The Wisdom of Liz

Yesterday I attended a 60th birthday party for a friend. I know it sounds funny to say that I have a friend who is old enough to be my mother, but it's true. We are really just friends from church; it's not like we hang out together. But honestly, I would love to hang out with her. She is a really fun, amazing, talented, and intelligent woman.

She decided to face 60 years head on, and have a big party for herself. There were at least 80 women, of all ages there. We had a nice lunch, and then were entertained by this guy, who even though I have seen him perform 5 or 6 times (and mostly the same stuff) I still enjoy it as much as the first time. It was a blast!

She also sent us home with goody bags filled with all sorts of funny items as reminders about life lessons and such. Very clever. One of the things she gave us was a cute compilation of short thoughts, called, "Some Stuff I Want to Remember" which she put together about 10 years ago for a reunion. I know that some of them aren't original, but I don't know their sources, and some of them may be her own, but thought I would share some of them with you:

Liz Barrett

- No matter how old you are, there's still a lot to learn.
- If you don't take time to sharpen your saw, you'll spend lots more time sawing.
- She that is easily offended, easily offends.
- The older you get, the smarter your parents get.
- Constant complainers are never welcome.

Definitely good things to remember.

Lots more like that. I will share some more later.......

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  1. I need a 60 year old friend to share her wisdom with me. Thank you for sharing your friend with us!


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